Support and training of teams

Inspire professionals and train them to apply methods that have proven themselves in the field. Our training courses are intended to be fun, concrete, and effective. They must satisfy both the customer, the establishment and the professional.

Concrete and Operational

Percepied method

Before being receptive to the methods of the trainer, it is necessary to remove the personal obstacles of each one which mean that in the end we did not apply the method. Through counter-examples and scenarios, lead to an understanding of the cons.

The fruit of the double experience of hotelier for 5 generations and consultant trainer leads to fun, concrete and effective training because carried out mainly in the field.

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Having practiced most of the professions of the hotel / restaurant industry, the keys provided with their illustrations are better understood.

Help the manager to find the method adapted to his personality, the situation and the level of development of his employees.

For newly promoted managers, gain confidence by sharing experience and method.

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Customer Relationship

Perfect service cannot be reduced to technique. Customer relations, real added value and the main reason for choosing our businesses. We will see how to develop our pride and pleasure, like those of customers, while respecting each other's personalities.

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Commercial et commercial en Hôtellerie ne sont pas la même chose. Nous vous proposons de devenir un Excellent Commercial en Hôtellerie…

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