Consultant en hôtellerie

Accompagnement & formation de dirigeants et de leurs équipes en Hôtellerie Restauration.

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Executive support

You want to benefit from an experienced outside perspective in your sovereign functions as a leader: strategy, management, marketing, quality...

Who better than a hotelier to understand a hotelier?

Directed by Bruno Percepied.

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Support & Training of teams 

Inspire professionals and train them to apply methods that have proven themselves in the field. Our training courses are intended to be fun, concrete, and effective. They must satisfy both the customer, the establishment and the professional.

We understand each other better when we have worked in the same profession...

Directed by Bruno Percepied or one of his specialized training consultants.

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Notre méthodologie de consultant en hôtellerie

1. Report

Our interventions are always based on a preliminary observation. It can be the result of an interview between us, or be the subject of a service audit in the form of a mystery shopper.

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2. Analysis

Once the observation has been made, it is necessary to study both the causes and the consequences.

This analysis part is the added value of our support, because of our strong experience on the customer side as an operator.

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3. Action Plan

CAP method: Observation, Analysis, and ... Action plan!

The latter can take several forms, advice, training, operational assistance... our solutions are always tailor-made.

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