Commercial Training

Our training courses are tailor-made.

However, here are some examples of themes that we have built and animated:


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Additional sales, up and cross sales to develop turnover

Educate employees about the importance of their business attitude throughout their interaction with the customer. Make them acquire sales techniques to complement those of reception and global care. The whole being necessary to ensure a quality service and to comply with the economic requirements of a luxury Hotel or restaurant.


Know how to set up a marketing plan and a commercial action plan

The aim is to provide participants with elements of reflection on the practice of hotel management on the Marketing and Commercial aspects, and to provide them with the means to optimize their results. This session aims to explore ways to increase your turnover.


Develop your talents as a salesperson – external salesperson

This training must make it possible to optimize the results of any external marketing approach. Have the keys to succeed in your external sales meetings and develop your business completion rate.


Develop your talents as a salesperson – internal salesperson

This training should make it possible to optimize the results of any marketing process: Welcoming the customer on the phone, analyzing his needs, structuring the argument, motivation for negotiation, knowing how to respond to an objection and conclude his sale - How to increase his rate of business realization.


Trade negotiation

Better know and understand the buyer's techniques to know how to deal with them effectively.


Succeed in sales on the phone

Acquire the sales techniques to concretize his sales on the phone: succeed in the reception of the customer, know how to qualify a request, structure his argument and manage the objections, then conclude his sale in a minimum of time.


Better understand and implement Yield Management

Equip participants with the capacity to implement the operational Yield Management of their hotel, i.e. differentiated pricing to meet the needs of customers and the requirements of the financial profitability of the establishment.

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